PROS OneLink

Integrated Enterprise Solutions
For Public & Private Organizations

PROS OneLink is a horizontally & vertically scalable platform for joint collaboration between multiple departments & organizations. Its web-based architecture allows authorized executives & field personnel to access information from the command & control center seamlessly


PROS OneLink is designed to be robust & secure system with various redundant features built into it


OneLink’s proven N-tier or N-layer architecture ensures scalability and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


OneLink provides flexibility to add more functionalities & platforms for seamless information exchange

PROS OneLink

PROS OneLink is a comprehensive scalable integrated platform which can be customized to create a secure digital city for multiple agencies such as Harbors, Airports, Police, Fire Services, Emergency Medical Services, Hospitals, Schools, Refineries, Power Plants, Banks, Real Estate and other Public and Private Organizations.

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